Focus at a glance

Founded by a group of dedicated optics experts, Focus Technology has been exclusively serving the High Precision Optical Markets in China and the rest of the world by reason of the best trained and highly skilled work forces in the production lines. We specialize in custom prototype and high precision optics applications. Also, we offer our customers sophisticated solutions to meet their requirements.

After years of development, Focus strictly carry out ISO quality management system standard on the production lines. Its business scope cover series of optics for instance spherical lens, cylindrical lens, windows, filters, prisms, polarization optics, Infrared optics, optics assembly and coating design, those are widely applied at laser, infrared, illumination and display application, medical equipment, display and projection, optical instruments, etc.

Our ultimate goal is to create “a safe and reliable supplier chain that connects well with our customers and become profitable”, top quality, competitive price, fast delivery and full services, those above features make customers feel pretty confidence whilst using our parts in their applications. That is why our customers rely on us and are willing to collaborate with Focus Technology steadily and for ever.

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