Achromatic Lens


Products Description:These lenses have considerably reduced values of spherical aberrations.


Focus Technology is dedicated to manufacturing high precision optical lens from prototype to production. Ten years of experience in lens manufacturing and an army of the best trained and highly skilled work forces make Focus Technology much more professional and maintain competitive edge.

These lenses have considerably reduced values of spherical aberrations, which are used to replace single components where performance must be improved.

Technical Parameters

Diameter size
3 mm or above
Diameter tolerance
+0.0, -0.05mm
Parallel focal length tolerance
5 arc minutes
Clear aperture
Surface figure: power(n)
Surface figure: irregularity(n)
Surface quality
40/20 scratch and dig
< 0.2 mm x 45°
Single layer MgF2 broadband AR

Note for Lens:
(1). Lens made from materials such as N-BK7, Fused Silica, Sapphire, CaF2, Borofloat, or other optical glass supplied by Schott and Chinese CDGM are available upon request.
(2). Custom-made Lens at any size from Φ3.0mm to Φ200mm clear aperture are available,apart from round, lens at shape of square are available. (3). 90% clear aperture is available upon request.
(4). Better bevel is available upon request.
(5). Lens with Anti-Reflective (AR), Single layer MgF2 coating are available.

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