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Optical coating is specified and designed to enhance or reduce the reflectance, transmittance, or polarization properties of optical components. Coatings can be made from one or more layers of dielectric, IR, or metallic materials. Each coating is designed for a specific wavelength or wavelength range.

Focus Technology provides either standard or custom coating designs, please look at following coating designs what we are doing.

AR-Coating Series

   Beamsplitter Series

 Single Layer MgF2 Antireflection Coating (SAR) 

 Multilayer Antireflective Coating(VAR)

 Multilayer Broadband Antireflective Coating(WAR)

 Dual Wavelength Band Antireflective Coating(DAR)


 Narrow Band Polarizing Beamsplitter Coating(PBS) 

 Broadband Polarizing Beamsplitter Coating(BPS)

 Beamsplitter Plate and Cube Coating(FBS&CBS)

HR-Coating Series   Filter-Coating Series

 Metallic High Reflective Coating(MHR)

 Dieletric High Reflective Coating(DHR)


 Long Wavelength Pass Coating(LWP) 

 Short Wavelength Pass Coating(SWP)  

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