Right Angle Prism


Products Description:custom as request


From prototype to production, Focus Technology manufactures and coats prisms, it’s scope covers Penta Prism, Right Angle Prism, Beamsplitter Penta Prism, and Corner Cube, Dove Prism and Roof Prism, etc.

Right-angle prism is usually used as a mirror to deviate light through 90 degrees and as a reflector to deflect light through 180 degrees by total internal reflection, which is widely used in telescope, periscope and other optical systems.

Technical Parameters: 
BK7 Grade A Optical Glass
Dimension Tolerance (mm):
+/-0.2 (General), +0/-0.05 (High Precision)
Angle Tolerance:
5 arc min. (General), 3 arc sec. (High Precision)
Flatness (per 25mm@633nm):
λ/2(General), λ/10 (High Precision)
Clear Aperture:
>80% (small size),>95%(large size)
Surface Quality:
60/40 (General), 10/5 (High Precision)
Bevel (mm):
Uncoated or AR /Metal/HR coating--Unpon Request
Note for Right Angle Prism:
(1). Besides Fused Silica, custom-made Right Angle Prisms, which are made of other optical materials, 
      such as N-BK7, N-SF11, Pyrex, etc. are available.
(2). Typical dimension is 5.0mm, 10.0mm, 12.7mm, 15.0mm, 20.0mm, 25.4mm, 30.0mm, dimension from  2.0x2.0x2.0 mm to 150.0x150x150.0 mm is available.
(3). Better precision such as 1 min., 30sec., 15sec., 10sec., and 5sec. is available.
(4). Typical bevel is 0.25mmx45o, other bevel from 0.1mmx45o to 0.5mmx45o is available upon request.
(5).  Anti-Reflective(AR), High-Reflective(HR), Partial-Reflective(PR) coating prisms are available. 

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